Yapham Cricket 1927jpg (2)

Here’s the Yapham 1928 vintage.  According to Nancie Boyes: Left end of back row is Albert Carr.  Next to him is a Pearson (a lot of Pearsons crop up when you start talking about YCC.  And we still have a couple!) At the end on the right of the back row is Eddie Lovell.  Albert Carr’s younger son Reg might be the one second from the right in the middle row.  Reg’s older brother Stan is in the middle of the front row; he had only one eye.  At the right end of the front row is Ernie ‘Chuffy’ Tinson.  Nancie thinks he might be David Tinson’s father.


One thought on “1928

  1. Steve Parry has provided some more names. It goes like this:

    Back Row
    Mr Carr, ??, B Pearson, George Ogle, Housley, E Lovell

    Middle Row
    R Ogle, N Ogle, H Tinson, Reg Carr, Wilf Ogle

    Front Row
    J Barker, S Carr, E Tinson

    Mr Carr on the left farmed Manor House Farm and allowed the cricket team to use the field.


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